Weight Loss Services

Weight Loss Services

Losing weight is hard. However, the science clearly shows that there are many factors involved in weight gain and obesity. What we have discovered is that key hormones play a major role in weight loss and medications are now available that target this specifically. These medications actually work and are intended to be used long-term. I utilize a specialized diet program that often includes these or other prescription weight loss medications. Weight loss does require both a change in lifestyle and dietary habits but with the use of medication this becomes far more achievable.

As a medical provider, I do a thorough medical intake. This may include lab work and EKG testing. Your initial consult will last 60-90 minutes. We decide together what dietary changes and medication options will work best for you. Initial visits can be done in person or via telemedicine.

Ongoing support and accountability is necessary for long-term success and I recommended monthly visits initially. As you get comfortable with and settle into a new routine we can adjust the timing of follow ups. Most follow ups can be done via telemedicine, these visits last 15-40 minutes on average.

I will be away for the month of June with limited access.

I appreciate your inquiry but please expect a delay in response and I will connect with you when I return.

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